Sunday, May 3, 2009

watching interrupt usage on Freebsd

You can easily see how many interrupts taken by each device on Linux by simply looking in /proc/interrupts file. Freebsd has no such information in procfs. But you can access the same information by using "vmstat -i" command in Freebsd.But you can't see which cpu handling which irq as shown by Linux. Following is a sample output of "vmstat -i" command from a Freebsd machine.

You can write a simple c shell script to watch interrupt usage like this.

Vmstat uses sysctl interface to gather interrupt usage information by using hw.intrnames and hw.intrcnt oid names. As names suggest intrnames holds all interrupt names and intrcnt holds their irq counts since system startup for each interrupt. 

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James Pearce said...

That script was really helpful - used it on a FreeNAS system where the 'watch' command is not available.