Sunday, May 3, 2009

getting detailed process information on Freebsd

Freebsd procstat utility gives detailed information about all of the processes on the system or just for a given process id number, such as virtual memory mapping, thread stack, command line arguments and open files.

Running procstat with "-a" argument prints information like pid,pid,login, process name, wchan (which event the process waiting) of all processes on the system.

# procstat -a

Procstat "-c" option shows you the command line arguments of a process and "-f" option shows opened files by given process.Following sample output shows the command line arguments and the files currently opened with their permissions by vi process.

You can access virtual memory mapping information a process with "-v" option. Following sample shows vi process virtual memory mappings.

Finally, "-k" option shows kernel threads stacks details of given process.

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