Saturday, January 24, 2009

Freebsd kernel process tracing

ktrace utility enables to trace and log kernel system calls made by process. By default, it logs to ktrace.out file but this can be overwritten by providing another log filename with -f parameter. You need to pass your command to ktrace or use the pid of a running process.
Also you have to say the kernel what system calls to trace by -t parameter. -t parameter has following options:

c trace system calls
n trace namei translations
i trace I/O
s trace signal processing
t trace various structures
u userland traces
w context switches
+ trace the default set of trace points - c, n, i, s, t, u

While tracing is going in kernel , logging stops when the process stops execution or trace popint ends. The other way is to use -c parameter of the ktrace and provide the pid of the process to stop tracing any further.

to trace and log any running processes simply use the -p parameter and pass the process number (pid) to ktrace. here is a simple example with ktrace to trace find command:

# ktrace -t+w /usr/bin/find /

and following is a short snippet from the log created by ktrace and dispayled using kdump utility

# kdump -f ktrace.out

The log file created by ktrace can be read with kdump utility. Simply pass your ktrace log filename to kdump with -f parameter.

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