Thursday, January 29, 2009

simple tcp server with djb tcpserver

DJB ucspi-tcp package has a program called tcpserver. Simply it accepts incoming tcp connections for a given port and run specified program when a connection established on that port. The good part is that you can write a program in any language which reads stdin and writes data to stdout file descriptors. In this way, you can read data coming from tcp socket simply by stdin file descriptor and send data to tcp client side by writing desired data on stdout file descriptor.

Here is a simple perl code snippet which reads stdin and writes data to stdout.


$| = 1;
print "Hello !\r\n";

while ($line=<STDIN>) {

print "Your input is:".$line."\r\n";


Let's call this file as
Here is the tcpserver command to run this program on port 9090. tcpserver has other parameters such as given uid and gid to running process. Please see tcpserver man page for details.

# tcpserver -vRH -l test 0 9090

now, you can telnet your server's 9090 port from another machine and test it.

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