Thursday, June 5, 2008

Linux Block Tracing

blktrace let's you see detailed information about I/O traffic on a disk devices.

You need to have a 2.6.17-rc1 or newer kernel with "Block io tracing" and debugfs enabled in kernel to use blktrace command.

You can download and install blkrace from site or if you use ubuntu you can install it with apt-get.
on ubuntu:

$ sudo apt-get install blktrace

blktrace requires debugfs to run. run mount command to see if it's mounted.
If you can't see debugfs in mount command output for example create a directory called /debugfs and mount it by following command as root

# mount -t debugfs none /debugfs

now you can run blkrace command.

blktrace -r /debugfs/ -d /dev/sda -o - | blkparse -i -

default format of blkparse output is as follows (you can change output format if you like with -f option):

by this way you can get detailed information about ongoing disk activity on your system.

Description of Events:

A IO was remapped to a different device

B IO bounced

C IO completion

D IO issued to driver

F IO front merged with request on queue

G Get request

I IO inserted onto request queue

M IO back merged with request on queue

P Plug request

Q IO handled by request queue code

S Sleep request

T Unplug due to timeout

U Unplug request

X Split

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